Thomas Nicholson
Born in Fredericton, Canada in 1995, Thomas Nicholson finds his work guided by many practices from a wide range of fields and periods including mathematics, typography, graphic design, Renaissance painting and music, as well as more recent interdisciplinary experiments in which diverse elements intersect. Since 2014 his compositions have examined the unique gradations of spectral fusion evoked through microtonal just intonation. Composing primarily for smaller settings of musicians, he is actively researching and developing tools and methods for managing the practical challenges of realising microtonal music on acoustic instruments – strings, in particular.

Featured work
GRAM (2018) • scoreaudio
for alto recorder, viola, and Pythagorean split-key keyboard • in 17-limit just intonation

Farey sequences map playable nodes on a string (2020) with Marc Sabat • text
published in TEMPO vol. 74, no. 291

Helmholtz-Ellis 31-Limit Harmonic Space Calculator (ver. 2.3, 2020) • link
JavaScript resource for composition and analysis of microtonal music