Marc Sabat
Born in Kitchener, Canada in 1965, Marc Sabat is a composer and violinist based in Berlin. With Wolfgang von Schweinitz, he co-founded the Plainsound Music Edition website in 2000, conceived as a curated, interdisciplinary virtual artists’ edition. The site features open source, non-commercial sharing of experimental, perception-driven artistic work and research, with a major, but not exclusive focus on the practice of microtonally extended just intonation. In collaboration with Catherine Lamb and Rebecca Lane Sabat co-founded the Harmonic Space Orchestra in 2019.

Featured work
SEE HEAR (2021), 40' by Mareike Yin-Yee Lee and Marc Sabat • music film

The Helmholtz-Ellis JI Pitch Notation (2020) • legend+series
revised symbols for primes up to 47 entirely based on alterations of Pythagorean notes

The HEJI2 Font (2020) • zip archive
three cross-platform Unicode opentype fonts and a json file for microtonal JI accidentals in text documents and notation software